Why is the Agent not running?

There are a number of reasons why the Agent may not be running:-

  1. The Match-IT service is not running. The service makes sure Agent is always alive, so that it is ready to perform the auto-schedule at the specified time. You can see the Match-IT service from the Windows services list. Sometimes restarting the service can help. Call support to get help with installing the service if it’s not running at all.
  2. The Agent has stalled. Killing the Agent will help in this case. The service will restart it within a few minutes. The Agent my stall if another process – like a backup for example – overlaps with an auto-schedule. Careful review of overnight server housekeeping is needed to minimise overlaps.
  3. The server has been auto-rebooted after a Windows update. Servers should not be set to auto update. A popular Windows update day is Tuesday, so if you don’t have schedules on Wednesdays, this is usually why.