Version 21.5.1 Released

Build 21.5.1 has now been released (03/09/15).

This build has been tested in-house, however we cannot guarantee it to be problem free.

Please trial the new system before committing to it.

NOTE: To install this release you must be running version 21.4.4 or later, if you are not already running that you must first upgrade to 21.4.4 before you can upgrade to 21.5.1. Version 21.4.4 can be downloaded from the download section.

This is mostly a maintainence consolidation release. The main changes are …

  • Cost/price review delinquency

    Three MC module defaults have been added to make sure that product, supplier part
    and customer part costs/prices are reviewed on time and if not they are treated as
    not approved.

    The defaults are called “Product cost review limit days”, “Cost review limit days”
    and “Price review limit days”. You should review the three existing associated
    defaults (named similarly but without the “limit”) and then set the limit defaults

  • PO/WO orphan detection

    The schedule failures list has been extended to show “orphans”.
    These are WIP purchase orders and works orders that have no demand;
    i.e. they are not being used at all by any schedules. This is a warning
    only since at times you may well have POs or WOs in this situation.

    There are various new defaults associated with orphan detection; for
    example to not approve a PO/WO for material X if there is a WIP orphaned
    PO/WO for X. You can find the defaults by searching for “orphan” in the
    name column of the list of defaults (F4). We have preset them to values
    we think generally useful, but it will be well worth reviewing them yourself.

  • The List & Label report engine has been updated to the latest version (20)
  • The Clarion run-time environment has been updated to the latest version (10)
  • A new memory allocator has been implemented that is faster and more memory efficient.
    This means the day when your Match-IT system hits the 4GByte memory limit has receded.

  • The way Match-IT deals with the file corruption side-effects of allowing ‘OpLocks’
    to be used has changed. The change means the new (faster and more secure) Windows
    SMB3 protocol can be used without compromising the integrity of the Match-IT databases.

  • ‘Pessimistic’ goods-in option

    An option similar to the works-order ‘pessimistic’ option has been added to goods-in.
    This option when set forces the goods-in operators to fill in the quantity when
    receiving goods from a supplier. This is useful to stop accidentily logging the full
    quantity when a part delivery is received. The form will refuse to ‘save’ if the
    quantity has not been set, so habitual hitting the ‘save’ button is safe.

    The new default is in the OP module and called “Must specify quantity on book-in”

  • Browse/form auto refresh

    A mechanism has been added to automatically update browses and forms as changes are
    made by other stations. The mechanism relies on the ‘notifier’ working in your
    context. So if your firewall is preventing Match-IT from sending change notification
    messages, this new facility will not work.

    The facility is controlled by two new defaults in the ZW module: “Auto Refresh Browse Enable”
    and “Auto Refresh Form Enable”. If these are set to YES, the facility is turned on.
    When set to NO, its off and browse/form update behaviour will be as before.

  • The supplier part record has been extended to provide the ability to track supplier
    drawing and revision numbers in a similar way to customer part records.

  • The “Allow invoice before dispatch” default has been extended to allow it to be
    applied to specific customers rather than just globally.

  • The sales order value report has been extended to allow reporting on orders that
    have not yet been approved. This is useful for those of you that have a complex
    approval procedure that can span a significant time period.