Version 21.5.0 Released

Build 21.5.0 has now been released (13/02/15).

This build has been tested in-house, however we cannot guarantee it to be problem free.

Please trial the new system before committing to it.

NOTE: To install this release you must be running version 21.4.4, if you are not already running that you must first upgrade to 21.4.4 before you can upgrade to 21.5.0. Version 21.4.4 can be downloaded from the download section.

The major changes in this release are:-

  • This is mostly a maintainence consolidation release. The main changes are to make
    the RI system more robust when deleting records, use a more modern run-time engine
    (Clarion 9.1 instead of 8.0), provide some measure of isolation from the effects
    of over zealous virus checkers (restrict impact to a single station rather than
    everyone) and add some more procedural safeguards to prevent un-intended actions.