How do I use announcements?

Announcements can be used in three ways. They all involve use of the NM module default called Announcement. All three can be in use at the same time.

1. If a system level value is set, the announcement is shown to all users when they log in.

2. If a value is set for a specific user, that user will be shown the announcement when they log in.

3. If a value is set for a specific customer or supplier, the announcement will be shown when that customer or supplier is picked for a list (by anybody). For example when creating a sales order.

The announcement system can be disabled entirely by setting the system value of the NM default called Show Attention Messages to No.

The KB article called How to set zero rated VAT on a customer is an example of how to create a customer specific default (in this case a VAT code) and can be used as a detailed guide for setting both user and customer/supplier default values. The difference is that in this case the module (sometimes called class) is NM and the default is called Announcement.

To see all the announcements you’ve created in a list, click F4 for the list of defaults in the system, making sure Show all classes is ticked. Type nm and then the Enter key to go to the NM class announcements. Click on the Announcement default to select that line. If you then click the Show Usage button you’ll see all your announcements and you can edit or delete them as required from there.

A related ability is the one to show messages to users when receiving goods. In the PO line detail window there is a field called Notes for Goods-In. When that field is populated, the message is shown to anybody creating a delivery note relevant to that PO line. Similar to the announcement system, it can be disabled entirely by setting the NM default called Show Attention Messages to No.