Why do I get “access denied” sometimes when repairing a file?

Sometimes when trying to recover a damaged file windoze will report an “Access Denied” error and not let the repair happen.

The most likely reason for this is that a file lock has been left in-place from some other session. A useful trick to force Windows to relinquish such file locks, is to temporarily remove the network share that other stations are using to access Match-IT.

So, for example, if other stations are accessing Match-IT through a mapped drive M: that is mapped to something like \\server\match-it, go to the physical location of that folder on the server, you will see a ‘hand’ symbol under the folder name to indicate it is being shared, right-click on it, select Security and sharing, then un-check the share this folder option. Windows will warn you that you are forcing users off – good, that is what is required. Confirm it, do the repair, then re-share it again afterwards.

Make sure when you re-share that you give everyone full control (use the Permissions button).

If you are using remote desktop and terminal services to run Match-IT this technique will not work because there will (usually) be no mapped drive to un-share. In this situation it may be that there are stopped sessions on the server holding file locks. The brutal way to deal with this is to bring up the task manager on the server and stop all processes with the name match_go.exe.