What is free issue stock?

The free issue stock facility operates as described below:-

1. There is a flag in the material record – Is Free Issue. Note that the flag is against the material, not a PART in a method.

2. When this flag is set, it triggers the scheduler to create a new type of purchase line – free issue – and associate the customer for the schedule demand with it.

3. There is a free issue purchase schedule similar to the normal purchase schedule.

4. Lines in the free issue purchase schedule can be approved and printed, but it’s optional.

5. The event diary system nags for free issue stock, as for a normal purchase.

6. When booking-in goods, selecting a free issue item against a non-approved purchase line will auto approve it.

7. You can buy things directly from customers if you wish, there is no need to create another supplier record for them. Similarly, you can sell things to suppliers.

8. 6 and 7 are possible because you can associate two account references with a supplier/customer. One for use when selling and the other for use when buying. The appropriate account code will be passed to the accounting system. They can be the same.