Version 21.5.3 Released

Build 21.5.3 has now been released and will be available to download from 30/06/16.

This build has been tested in-house, however we cannot guarantee it to be problem free.

Please trial the new system before committing to it.

NOTE: To install this release you must be running version 21.4.4 or later, if you are not already running that you must first upgrade to 21.4.4 before you can upgrade to 21.5.2. Version 21.4.4 can be downloaded from the download section.

This is mostly a maintainence consolidation release. The main changes are:-

  • 28/6/16 [51991] – The batch ‘location’ concept has been simplified and made more
    consistent. The location of a batch is based on the first bookin move and parts of
    the batch may be in other locations based on failed or scrap movements. Various
    browses including the WO kit list are now much easier to read.

  • 28/6/16 [52105] – A new mechanism has been added such that users only see items in the
    purchase and works schedules that are relevant to them. This is useful when users are
    responsible for raising orders for a specific set of materials. Please contact support
    if you think you would be interested in learning more about this facility.

  • 28/6/16 [52189] – Code has been added to prohibit Teamviewer adding “quick connect”
    menus to Match-IT as it could cause Match-IT to crash. Note that if you have the always-on
    server based Teamviewer running anywhere where Match-IT is also running you’ll need to restart
    the Teamviewer service (after running the latest Match-IT at least once) for this to take

  • 28/6/16 [52391] – The hardwird warning when booking in more than than the purchased quantity
    has been formalised into two PO defaults allowing optional warnings for under and over booking.
    Two WO defaults have similarly been added for use when booking in to works orders. Both the over
    booking defaults are on initially to preserve the existing behaviour. The under booking
    defaults can be optionally enabled as required.

  • 28/6/16 [52433] – Extend the scheduler to cope with conflicting mix/nomix scenarios.
  • 28/6/16 [52414]- Fix an inconsistency with “Cycles Extra” usage.
  • 28/6/16 [42429] – The WO WIP value summary now has totals and sub-totals for the resource
    hours column.

  • 28/6/16 [52400] – There is a new option on the dispatch schedule to ignore carriage rules,
    meaning that the date limit effectively acts on the delivery date rather than the
    dispatch date.

  • 15/4/16 – All the checkboxes on the PO schedule are now sticky. Also made more options
    sticky on the stock value summary.

  • 7/4/16 – Issue Id and Drawing Ref have been added to the lines in the sales order window.
  • 7/4/16 – A new MS module default has been added called “Warn if no shortage issue done”. It is off by
    default which is the existing natural behaviour. When turned on either at a system level or per
    user (etc), it will warn you if you try to close the issue shortages browse without actually
    doing an issue. It was added because operators sometimes do the physical allocation and then
    cannot remember if they hit the alloc button or not.

  • 22/2/16 – A bug has been fixed to stop WO step todo times creeping when when efficiencies below 100% are used.
  • 20/2/16 – There is a new PO default called Usual Scheduled Usage Constraint to mirror
    the ad-hoc based one.

  • 3/2/16 – The WO WIP value summary has a new column showing demand.
  • 3/2/16 – The stock valuation browse has a new option such that it’s now possible to
    include/exclude both obsoleted and non-obsoleted batches as required.

  • 3/2/16 – When right-clicking a column title you can now sort the
    content based on data type. Previously everything was treated as a string, so
    date (for example) would possibly sort non-chronologically (depending on your
    date format). Now, selecting “by date” tells Match-IT the column contains dates and
    the content will always sort chronologically.

  • 3/2/16 – A new OP module default called “Allow direct start/stop reporter” has been added.
    When set to YES, pressing the REPORTER item in the Match-IT desktop menu bar will
    toggle the state of the reporter. If its running, it will be stopped, it its not
    running it will be started in global mode (i.e. will service print requests from
    other stations). When set to NO, you are not allowed to toggle the reporter status.
    The factory setting for this default is NO.