Version 21.4.4 Released

Build 21.4.4 has now been released (04/08/14).

This build has been tested in-house, however we cannot guarantee it to be problem free.

Please trial the new system before committing to it.

If you would like this latest version then please send an e-mail to requesting a new CD. You can also download the new build from the upgrade page.

NOTE: To install this release you must be running version 21.3.12 or higher, if you are not already running that you must first upgrade to 21.3.12 before you can upgrade to 21.4.4. Version 21.3.12 can be downloaded from the download section.

The major changes in this release are:-

  • By far the biggest change is the introduction of an option to use an SQL back-end as the data repository. This option is available to those of you in the enhanced support programme. Ask your support engineer for details on how to activate this option. The benefit of an SQL back-end is better stability in the presence of ‘dodgy’ networks and overly aggressive virus-checkers. It also permits the use of Match-IT over Wi-Fi connections and allows the use of third-party reporting tools on the SQL database. The downside is its a little slower than the current TPS back-end. The upgrade system allows for moving between TPS and SQL databases in both directions, so you can change your mind if you decide you prefer the TPS database.
  • Another significant change is to make Match-IT fully compatible with Windows 8 and the use of touch screens.
  • The report designer (List-&-Label) has been updated to the latest version (19).