Why do sometimes have to recover a data file?

When using Match-IT across a network it is essential that the network is reliable because any dropout mid file transaction can cause a corruption of a data file.  Here are some tips to minimise problems:-

  1. On the server exclude the Match-IT folder (our executables self-check) and c:\programdata\match_it from real-time virus/malware checking and scanning.
  2. On workstations, do not use a mapped drive to point at Match-IT in your short cuts; use a UNC path (//servername/…).  Exempt c:\programdata\match_it and Match-IT on the server (using a UNC path) in anti-virus/malware software.  If you have a mapped drive to Match-IT on the server, even if it’s not used in the shortcut, also exempt it; this is essential, otherwise N PCs are checking Match-IT data files in parallel which can cause a lot of problems because the change so frequently.
  3. Do not rely on WiFi.  Make sure all network cables are connected and have not fallen out.
  4. Do not pull the network cable out of laptops before closing Match-IT and also make sure that you wait for Match-IT to exit completely.
  5. Close Match-IT and wait for it to exit completely before shutting down your workstation.
  6. Never under any circumstances click the “shutdown anyway” when shutting down your workstation and Windows says you have left Match-IT running.  Close Match-IT properly first.
  7. A Terminal Services solution (user logs into a server and run Match-IT from there) will provide better stability if any of the above are unresolveable.

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