Nominating a Match-IT recovery station

When starting Match-IT after a windows crash or lock-up, Match-IT will automatically start in recovery mode. Sometimes Match-IT will tell you that a recovery station has not been nominated; this note explains how to nominate one.

1. Make sure that nobody is using Match-IT.

2. Start Match-IT on the station that you wish to nominate as your recovery station. In normal circumstances the recovery station should be your server because recovery often involves a lot of computational effort. If you do not have a server, choose a powerful workstation.

3. Press the space bar when you see the grey splash screen appear with the Match-IT logos. This will take you into a window that allows you to set/clear various start-up options.

4. Click on the tab that says /recover and then press the button labelled Add this option. Now press Resume.

That’s it, you have now nominated a Match-IT recovery station. You should always use the recovery station when starting Match-IT after a windows crash or lock-up. It’s good practice to make sure that everybody is logged out of Match-IT first.