How to move Match-IT between servers

Match-IT is self-contained in a single folder on a server.  There is no client-end software. This note assumes the immediate containing folder is called match_it.  It is connected from client workstations using one of three methods:-

  • A simple shortcut to run Match-IT across the network. This is how we leave it after the initial install.  Share the match_it folder on the server and then target match_go.exe using a UNC path.  Avoid using mapped drives(*).  The fields should look like this:-
    • Target: \\server_path\match_it\sys\match_go.exe ini=live.set
    • Start in: \\server_path\match_it
  • An overt RDP login to the server.
  • Some sort of application virtualisation; e.g. a published app.

The latter two are set up by IT and are becoming more popular with the availability of cheap powerful servers.  These also  facilitate use of WiFi which is not possible when running across the network.

To move Match-IT between servers, copy the Match-IT folder from one server to another and then repoint the workstation connection solution to the new location.  Users need full control of the Match-IT folder.

The first time Match-IT is run it needs local admin access to do some housekeeping.  It will let you know if it does not have this privilege.  Usually right-clicking and selecting “run as administrator” will allow Match-IT to do what it needs.  It may need an admin password depending on how IT have set up user profiles.  This only needs doing once.

There is a service that needs to be started on the new server but it’s easiest to call us to do it; for example over Teamviewer. It takes about 5 mins.

Match-IT is a large application and some virus checkers detect false positives.  Also the data files change many times per second which can have negative performance effects if virus checkers are active on them in real-time.  The Match-IT executables have built in checks and will not start if they have been modified.  We strongly recommend that you exempt the whole Match-IT folder on the server and also c:\programdata\match_it which contains a runtime copy.  If starting Match-IT with a simple shortcut we also strongly recommend exempting c:\programdata\match_it on workstations as well.

If the printers used by Match-IT now have different URLs, the Match-IT print queues will need a tweak and again it’s easiest if we do that if you let us know what they are.

(*) Virus checkers include mapped drives by default, which can obviously cause serious problems if the data files are changing frequently on the server.  If you have to use a mapped drive, we strongly recommend exempting it on the workstations.