How do I put a material on hold?

If the latest Issue of a material is not approved, Match-IT inhibits any use of it; for example you will not be able to take new orders or book-in any work in progress

This facility can be used to model material holds.  You can change the approved state of the latest issue of a material by selecting the Audit/Approval tab of the issue and setting the date appropriately.  The list of issues is available from the New Issue button on the Ident tab of the material’s detail form.

A MC (Materials Catalogue) default called Allow unapproved materials modifies this behaviour slightly in that if asserted, Match-IT will warn that a material has been marked as unapproved and then optionally allow you continue or abort the operation in question.  You can refine the set up further by creating user-specific values for the above default; for example so that persons taking sales orders are stopped while persons booking in products from the shop floor are warned.