How do I make specifying an expiry date mandatory when booking in?

Materials can be specified to have a shelf life by clicking the Set Size Profile button from the detail of any material record, then clicking on the Usage tab and entering the shelf life in days.

Each batch of that material will then automatically have an associated expiry date, based on the day it was booked in and the associated material shelf life.

If the expiry date is not always based on the associated material shelf-life, a PO default called User must specify expiry date can be set to Yes – meaning that Match-IT will not set expiry dates automatically as above, rather, the user must specify one when booking in materials with a specified shelf life. From the help text of the default:-

When set and the product being booked in has a shelf life the
user must specify an expiry date. When not set Match-IT
automatically uses the shelf-life to estimate an expiry date.

Defaults have system level values but can be overridden on a per user, work-station, site or customer/supplier basis. In the context of this default that is probably most useful when considering suppliers.

Match-IT auto-expires batches during the auto-scheduling process by giving them a state of dead, exactly as if they had been used up in the normal way. You can get a list of expired batches by using the options in the stock list browse or by dragging msiView:failures onto a ribbon menu from the Processes+GoAnywhere menu.