How do I access recently used records?

When starting builds later then 21.1.8 you will notice that a little window appears called the MRU list. This is a list of Most Recently Used records; think of it like the History bar in Internet Explorer; double clicking on a record brings up the edit window for it. For example you may have been editing a material recently and need to edit it again; instead of going back to the Materials Catalogue and finding the record you can just scan down the MRU list and double click on the appropriate entry. Those records used most recently appear at the top of the list. The list is usefully resized to be thin but long and placed at one side of your Match-IT desktop.

It’s appearance at startup is controlled by a GX module default called Auto start recently used list; as such you can configure Match-IT to have the list appear on a site/station/user/role basis.

Try it and let us know what you think; please don’t hesitate to send critical feedback.
This facility has been there for a while; the appearance on the desktop and the default controlling it is new.