How to get an accumulating estimated cost breakdown

When you calculate the estimated costs of a material there is an option to get a cost breakdown.  By default the resulting list shows inclusive sub-module costs hierarchically, which means that the columns cannot be accumulated to the total because of the hierarchy.

Often a cost breakdown that shows accumulating costs is needed.

To do this go into the Options tab and tick the options as below:-


Then go back to the Detail tab and click the Expand button.

The Contrib cost and 1-off cost columns now show the component costs in a non-hierarchical manner and they will accumulate to the total.


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Note that while the contributing and 1-off total costs are accurate, being built up from fractional sub-costs while scheduling,  there may be some rounding errors because of the component costs having to be itemised out.

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If the Constraints column shows Minimum constraints applied it means that Match-IT has had to purchase or make a minimum quantity (more than needed) the remainder of which will be available for use other orders.  In the example shown, 200 sheets of material needed to be bought as a minimum from the supplier.