The costing algorithm has been replaced by use of the scheduler, resulting in better
estimated costs. When a material is costed, Match-IT selects a batch quantity to
cost based on the material configuration. For example if you have a minimum batch
size or re-order quantity set, Match-IT uses one as appropriate. The resulting cost
is cached in the material record as setup and cycle costs. When you take sales lines
or enquiries for other quantities, the estimated cost is calculated by manipulation
of these values; amortizing the setup cost over the sales quantity etc. Match-IT
allows you to manually cost a material and override the quantity chosen. Please
note that as a result of this change, new builds (later then 21.1.15) will take a
short period of time to ‘settle-in’ – during this time Match-IT will be updating
cached costs as material records are encountered. A cost breakdown is now available
from material records.