Changes added for Brexit

1. New OL module defaults available in all paperwork-

Economic Operators Registration Identification (EORI) number

European Control Classification Number (ECCN)

Government Contract number (GCN)

2. Country Of Origin (COO). Uses the existing country code class. New MC default as the backstop. Then optionally definable on a per supplier part basis. Available on sales dispatch and sales invoice line paperwork. This means that if you buy the same part from suppliers in different countries and resell it, the appropriate COO is pulled through on the dispatch and invoice paperwork.

3. Incoterms. New code class and SD default as the backstop. Then optionally overridden in each sales invoice. Available on Sales invoice paperwork. Default can be customer specific.

4. The NumBoxes and SizeandWeight fields already on sales dispatches have been replicated in sales invoices (and available on paperwork).

These changes will cover most scenarios (with some manual effort needed like invoice gross freight weight) and can be evolved to cover edge cases if needed. Qualifiers can also be added to the invoices and dispatches as needed for custom requirements.