What is it?

What is Match-IT?

Short version: #mrp+ #erp #sme

Longer version: Match-IT is a comprehensive but affordable enquiry-to-invoice fully-integrated production control software package suitable for small to medium sized manufacturing companies.  You configure Match-IT to know about your products and resources etc and it will produce all your works orders, purchase orders etc based on your sales demand and current stock levels.  Everything is completely traceable and satisfies ISO standards.

Why will Match-IT help me?

  • Match-IT is highly configurable, allowing you to tailor the system to your company, not your company to the system.
  • A unique event diary prompts your staff to carry out their tasks; so you don’t have to.
  • An award winning powerful finite element scheduler makes the most effective use of your human and machine resources while minimising on-site stock levels.
  • Sophisticated batch tracing allows you to quickly establish where a batch came from and where it went.
  • Dimensioned stock: bars, sheets and tubes, allows you to model complex assemblies.
  • Reporting functions allow instant performance analysis. Your key business/performance indicators (KPIs) are available whenever you need them.
  • Match-IT allows you to delegate with confidence.  Monitor your entire business from your desk and transfer tasks with ease.
  • Integrated resource management functions allow you to manage your plant, equipment and personnel.
  • Match-IT will complement your quality system and can enhance performance through the event diary and resource management functions.
  • Match-IT will integrate with most popular accounts packages to provide the total solution.
  • Conversions between currencies, including Euro and US Dollar etc, are handled automatically using the latest rates.
  • Match-IT has automated on-site and off-site backup facilities to enhance your normal routine.
  • Shop floor data collection with bar code scanning allows you to retrospectively collect accurate actual costs.
  • A scripting language allows you to develop your own functionality.
  • A flexible document designer puts you in charge of the way your documents and labels look.