Key Benefits

#1 – Improve EfficiencyGet more with advanced capacity planning

Match-IT is a manufacturing management software package that incorporates a sophisticated finite capacity planning and scheduling system.

You provide a model of your facilities, constraints and production methods and the scheduler calculates the most cost-effective way to meet your delivery commitments.

#2 – Improve ServiceDeliver on time more often and provide early warning of potential delays

Customer dispatch dates, resource availability, supplier and sub-contract delivery dates – can all change daily.  Match-IT reschedules your sales demand every night to make sure that each day you are working with the most efficient schedules.

The “dispatch schedule” – a list of imminent customer dispatches, clearly shows those that are predicted to be late.  To assist in the diagnosis of why, the scheduler also produces a list of “alerts” that can provide a detailed analysis of what the hold-up might be.

#3 – Improve QualityImprove quality with full traceability and procedure check-lists

With Match-IT you get full batch & document traceability.  Batch traceability means you can easily find out what raw materials went into a job (backwards traceability) as well as all jobs that used a particular batch of raw material (forwards traceability).

Document traceability means it is very easy to find information from whatever you have at hand. For example, from a dispatch note you can find the batch delivered, from that the works order it was made under, from that the purchase orders for the materials, etc.

Your operating processes can be tracked and monitored via check-lists to ensure your staff are following the correct procedures and this can be demonstrated when you are quality audited.

All your documents can be produced to a consistent style and they will always contain accurate and relevant information. This includes the instructions to your production staff which can incorporate technical drawings to ensure they are working to the correct revision.

#4 – Increase ProfitKnow which jobs are worth doing and learn which jobs are losing you money

Match-IT provides facilities to perform a ‘what-if’ schedule in real time to see how new jobs integrate with your existing manufacturing plans.  Feedback includes estimated completion dates and cost.  Options include prioritising the job in various ways and allowing stock currently used by other jobs to be reassigned to new ones.

#5 – Reduce CostsRun lean and only buy what you need when you need it

Match-IT incorporates a sophisticated finite capacity planning system that allows you to operate using a just-in-time strategy. This means you only buy raw materials when you need them and you only commit capacity when needed. This allows you to accommodate short-term unforeseen demand without compromising your longer term commitments.

#6 – Six SecondsKnow within 6 seconds if you can meet your delivery promise

Whenever your respond to an enquiry or approve a new sales order Match-IT will typically take only a few seconds to verify you can meet the delivery promise you are making.

This verification includes checking you have the required raw material stocks and you have the required capacity on the machines and your staff to do the work. It checks this in full knowledge of your current commitments. Match-IT has a sophisticated finite capacity planning system to allow it to achieve this.

#7 – Gain ControlBy having full visibility of all activities and progress in real-time

Central to Match-IT is the user-orientated todo list.  At a glance this gives you a prioritised list of actions that must be done today and should have been done yesterday (if any).  You can also historically see what has been done and by whom.

The todo list is extremely configurable allowing you to customise to your desired level of detail.

#8 – Improve Brand ImageBy having a consistent set of sales, production and supplier paperwork

While we supply templates for all paperwork, you (or we) can also use the embedded document designer to create solutions to your exact specification, including 2 and 3-D bar codes.

#9 – Peace of MindOur customers are our advocates

We are very proud that our customers are willing for you to visit them or have a chat about their experiences in implementing and using Match-IT.

Please contact us if you would like us to put you in touch with somebody.