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Match-IT is a sophisticated software system developed to help manage the day to day administrative and planning processes of a manufacturing company. It consists of a set of integrated software modules that cover every aspect of the manufacturing cycle, including:

product configuration

cost estimating


sales order processing


stock control

production planning

production control




credit control

quality control

It's primarily aimed at ‘make to order’, ‘design to order’ and ‘configure to order’ manufacturing companies, but can also handle ‘make for stock’, making either one-off or batches, and where the work is new or a repeat of some previous job. Many manufacturers do a certain amount of buy/sell as well, and Match-IT can control this for you too. Match-IT is especially good at coping with complex situations involving cutting bars and sheets, where it will automatically calculate yields and hence buying requirements. It will also automatically make use of off-cuts and part used bars.

Note, however, Match-IT is not an accounting system. This is quite deliberate. There are good, low cost, accounting systems already available; Match-IT easily integrates with the most popular ones.

There are many products on the market today that advertise a similar scope to Match-IT, but there are two aspects of Match-IT that set it apart from the crowd. They are:

The level of automation it can achieve for you through the use of its SMART Scheduler.

The degree of guidance it can give your staff on what needs to be done next through the use of it’s unique Event Diary.

Much emphasis has been placed on making Match-IT as intuitive to use as possible. So although the system covers a very wide range of activities involved in the operation of a manufacturing organisation, you will become proficient in its use quickly.