Feature update

1.  SQL backend.  This was a huge undertaking by Dave Nichols and one customer has been trialling it for many months now without problems.  Having a SQL backend opens up Match-IT to generic report writing and the internet; for example your customers could create orders that appear in Match-IT and get their order’s status etc.  It’s also an alternative way of writing scripts if you have any coders in house.  We now have excellent in-house web skills ourselves (PHP, Javascript, node.js etc) and can help you build such interfaces.  We targetted PostgreSQL for it’s technical excellence and it is available for free at the link below.  If you would like us to set up a parallel SQL version of your system for you to trial it, please call on the support line and let us know.  It is available under your existing support agreement.


2.  Cus/Sup reviews.  After feedback from auditors we have added a customer/supplier review system which forces you to review their details every N days (default 365).  They are considered to be unapproved if this is not done, which satisfies the auditing requirement.  This is available in builds from February this year.

3. A tip.  Many virus checkers target mapped drives which means that you need to exempt the Match-IT mapped drive on your PCs (imagine tens of PCs all having a virus checker targeting files on the server via a mapped drive).  This can cause problems when you get a new PC or update the virus checker etc.  The probem can be eliminated completely by deleting the mapped drive on the PC and using a “UNC path” in the shortcut to Match-IT instead.  i.e. instead of something like m:\sys\match_go.exe it becomes \\myservername\match_it\sys\match_go.exe.  If you would like this done, let us know your IT contact and we’ll speak to them.

We will leave it at that for now and detail more changes in the next newsletter.  Match-IT is in active daily development; including tracking upsets caused by Windows updates and a full list is always available in the link below; a useful shortcut to add to your browser toolbar maybe.