Providing telephone, email and web-based responses to operational questions and issues that arise during Match-IT operation.


To answer questions and provide guidance on the use of Match-IT in specific circumstances.


You must have completed the appropriate training and must be participating in the support scheme.  Support will be refused if you are not currently in the support scheme.


This support is usually provided for at least your first year as part of your implementation project. Your Proposal (or subsequent support agreement) will define the upper limit, in terms of time, that will be provided. Support beyond this limit will incur additional charges.


For urgent issues, telephone your Match-IT support engineer on 0845 1300 410. Please only do this for truly urgent issues. An urgent issue is something that is stopping you doing something that you must do now. If it can wait until tomorrow, it is not urgent. When you call your support engineer, please ensure caller-ID is enabled on your phone system. Calls with a withheld ID are likely to be ignored.

For non-urgent issues, send an email to describing the assistance you require. All support requests are logged, no matter how they are received, and given a unique reference number. There will be an area on the Match-IT website where you can log-in and view your support requests and their status. The primary communication mechanism is by email.


Any aspect of the Match-IT software and its operation within your environment.