This is a typical ribbon menu:


A ribbon menu is a vertical list of buttons. Pressing one will either bring up another sub-menu or open a browse or open a form or perform some action.

The ribbon menus are part of the configuration of the system. You can tailor them to your preferences. See Setting your menu preferences for information on how to do that.

To navigate the menus, just press one of its buttons.

You can move a menu to any position on your desktop by dragging its title bar. You can also change its ‘shape’ by resizing it. When you do this, the menu will ‘fold’ around the small gaps in the menu. If you make the example above wider it will re-arrange itself like this:


The position and ‘shape’ you leave it will be remembered as your personal preference; it will re-open in the same place and in the same shape as you left it. These position preferences are personal to you; other people’s position preferences will not affect yours.

When a sub-menu is opened, the parent menu will stay open; the new menu will initially open cascaded to the left. All ribbon menus that are open when you close the system will be noted and they will be re-opened in the same position and shape the next time you log-in.