In this context, a layout is the term used to refer to the control information used when printing a document. It provides the associations between the document information, the design of the paper, and the print queue to be used.

Print Queue

A logical grouping of documents that require similar print capabilities or stationary.

Print queues can be turned on and off; when 'off' documents are held in the queue until it's turned on again.

You can have any number of queues. You can direct any document to any queue. You can associate any printer with any queue.


Any device that is accessible via the normal Windows print selection, this could be real printers or Fax cards.

Shared Printer

A shared printer is one that you have told your network operating system is to be made available across the network. These can be ‘seen’ from any station on the network and behave as if they were connected to each station.

Non-shared Printer

A non-shared printer cannot be ‘seen’ across the network. It can only be used on the station it is physically connected to. This can still be used from any station provided Match-IT is also running on the station the printer is connected to.


This term is used to refer to the computers you do your work from. All stations are assigned a name for identification purposes. These names are used for, among other things, defining where your printers are.

Report Stack

The repository for all print requests.

Print requests can be manipulated from here, you can:

re-assign the printer associated with a queue

re-assign the layout associated with a document

re-assign the paper associated with a document

request that a document is re-printed

find when a document was last printed

the Reporter

A background activity that detects print requests to printers that are accessible from the station the reporter is running on.

This can be run within your normal sessions or as a stand-alone program on a 'print-server' machine (as an agent), the latter will be less intrusive to you as the processing load of report generation will be on a different station.

Report Generator

A programme that translates your information into the form needed for printing according the instructions in a Paper design.


The instructions that translate the information to be printed into the printed image.

the Agent

This is a special session that just allows the running of automated background processes. This would normally be run on your server. To start Match-IT as an agent place the /agent switch on the command line. When run as an agent the system will:

automatically start the reporter

disable print preview

disable all interactive access