This is an example of a simple piece of sheet metal work.

It uses a panel of 0.125 metres by 0.475 metres of the sheet material 55004E.

This is processed through 4 steps in-house, and 2 by sub-contractors.

It is punched on an AMADA, then re-cut, linished and countersunk, before being passed to sub-contractors to satin-anodise and silk-screen print it.

Sub-contractors are handled in a similar way to suppliers for bought-in parts. Pressing the Suppliers button on a SUBCON line will bring up a list like the one we’ve already seen for the 66232X part. Typically, a sub-contractor will levy a per batch charge as well as a per item charge; you will see this in the Batch Charge column in the contractor list.

The cost of using a resource for a job is the time required multiplied by its cost rate. Select the AMADA line and press the Detail button in the Show Use group and you’ll be presented with the cost information for the AMADA. (Make sure you press the detail button in the Show Use group on the Show tab and not the one above it; that’ll just show you the detail of the method record.)