How do I define and use variables?

Defining a variable

To define a new conversion variable, proceed as follows:

From the standard menu (as initially installed) select: Favourites | Functions | Standing Data | Units | View Variables. This will present you with a list of all the conversion variables available (if any).

Press the New button to create a new variable. You will be presented with a form to define the details. Give it a name and a value. The Effective from date can be used if you want to define a variable now, but you don't want it to be used until the date you specify.

Press Save to make your selections permanent.

Using a variable

In a simple conversion expression you can select the variable by checking the Multiply By Variable option and then picking the variable via its ellipsis.

In a complex conversion expression, you reference a variable by entering Var('Name'). Note the quotes (') around the name. The Name is the name of the variable, whose value you wish to use at that point in the expression.