Failure/Reject/Change/Chase actions:

1.Cancel a sales order

2.Change a sales order delivery date and quantity and re-schedule

3.Re-prioritise the sales orders for a customer and re-schedule

4.Cancel a purchase order

5.Change a purchase order delivery date and re-schedule affected sales

6.Change a sub-contract purchase quantity and re-schedule

7.Reject a supplier delivery

8.Accept a credit note from a supplier

9.Cancel a works order

10.Merge works orders for the same material and re-schedule

11.Change the quantity of a works order and re-schedule

12.Modify the kit issued to a works order

13.Modify the resources allocated to a works order

14.Inspect and fail a stock batch

15.Inspect and fail a works order process step

16.Inspect and fail a works order output

17.Shut-down a resource and re-schedule active works orders

18.Accept a reject/return from a customer

19.Raise a credit note to a customer

20.Trace the status of a sales order

21.Perform a stock-take